ANAMINO is a premium pure beef protein for people with high performance fitness and body building goals. ANAMINO provides the building blocks for enhanced muscle development, body toning and more rapid recovery.

ANAMINO premium beef protein is hydrolysed to create shorter, more easily digestible chains of amino acids. The high availability of these aminos and the absence of fillers, fats and carbohydrates all promote more rapid absorption into the body. ANAMINO is also very high in glycine and proline. Glycine is the key building block that your body uses to bind aminos as it develops its own proteins to produce muscle and connective tissue. Proline is important for the building process but also serves to retain muscle mass through periods of overtraining or prolonged recovery.

ANAMINO is a pure premium product containing over 96% protein – as compared to some other hydrolysed beef protein products with 60-80% protein. It is highly digestible which is especially important to those who might have discomfort with dairy and other protein sources. The powder dissolves easily and has a very neutral taste making ANAMINO perfect to add to hot or cold drinks. shakes, smoothies other supplement drinks and everyday food recipes.


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