The benefit to the Health Care systems and to patients when treated with this new modality in wound care is enormous in terms of a reduction in hospitalisation time, reduction in mortality and morbidity and for the control of multiple drug resistant bacteria.

The infection rate and associated morbidity with current methods of treatment can be corrected using GF6 Wound and Burn care.

It has been published that all burns and wounds are infected when they present for treatment. (. The use of sterile water or saline to rinse the wounds, do not assist in reducing bacterial load in wounds.. Irrigating the wound with hypochlorous acid on the other hand, has a significant effect in not only reducing the bacterial load of the wound, but also to keep the bacterial load down and prevent biofilm formation.

The use of Thoclor GF6, that contains non-toxic hypochlorous acid in high concentrations, will dramatically improve the outcome in wounds. Thoclor Labs GF6 is a SAHPRA certified medical device Class C (approved for use in open wounds). It is a powerful antiseptic, destroys biofilm, reduces inflammation and stimulates wound healing.

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