Millions of South Africans living in informal settlements use dangerous paraffin stoves indoors to prepare food and warm their homes creating deadly fumes that put themselves and their families at risk. Paraffin causes death and injury to hundreds of thousands of South Africans annually, through ingestion or inhalation of emissions. The greatest hazard however is the fires directly caused by paraffin and its related products – 63% of all shack fires are directly attributed to paraffin stoves.

Our EF Stove

The EF STOVE is a 100% South African manufactured stove, it is built using high quality steel, including stainless steel in the burner unit making it long lasting and strong. The stove operates using EF FUEL, an alcohol-based liquid, that emits no bad odours and burns with a clean EF flame.

The EF STOVE and EF FUEL offers consumers a number of significant benefits:-

  • The EF STOVE has safety features that will substantially reduce fire hazards associated with paraffin stoves.
  • EF FUEL is an alcohol based liquid which means, in the unlikely case of a fire, the flames can easily be extinguished with water.
  • EF STOVE burns a clean EF flame with no smell, eliminating black smoke and unpleasant odours that are associated with the paraffin stoves.
  • EF FUEL is odourless.
  • Burning EF FUEL achieves a significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional paraffin stoves. Burning EF FUEL emits, at minimum, 50% less carbon dioxide (CO2) to that of paraffin.
  • EF FUEL is cost effective; 500ml of EF FUEL will provide over 5 hours of cooking time, giving it a higher efficiency than traditional paraffin stoves.
  • Our unique fully sealed and safe EF FUEL bottle design allows for easy filling of the EF STOVE; eliminating the health risks and problems associated with paraffin ingestion.
  • The EF STOVE will, if used according to our guidelines, last for more than 5 years. We also offer a 12 month warranty on all our stoves.‚Äč
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