It is a paraffin powered generator that can change people’s lives, by bringing light into their home environment. It is the answer to problems that we all suffer in Africa, namely blackouts. For those that rely on candles for light, this is a product that will allow light to be on tap safely and effectively, whilst being extremely fuel efficient, the cost to run all 3 LED lamps and the charging facility for a phone is around 41 cents per hour!

Listed below please find bullet points highlighting what this product offers:

  • It is a thermo electric, 5-volt system producing 1 amp/hour and is based on the Seebeck effect which creates power from 2 differing exotic base metals that are heated and cooled at the same time (thermo electric).
  • It runs 3 x LED, 75-watt base mounted lamps which are included in the box. These have a 6m, 4m and a 2m lead to spread the light around a home.
  • 1 of the lights has a lithium ion battery that once charged, can run for up to 5 hours.
  • It has a USB port capable of charging a cell phone, tablet or a power bank, whilst running the 3 lights.
  • It runs on illuminating paraffin, diesel or Citronella oil.
  • Can run for 29 hours on 1 litre of fuel.
  • It runs 4000 times cleaner than a paraffin lamp with emissions being 0.01 mg/m3/h whilst a normal paraffin lamp is 40 mg/m3/h.
  • Has a slot for a Mosquito pad
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